Thursday, December 17, 2009

the delay...

calculations1.2 will be delay due to some further improvements i need to make.
i want to add solutions of triangle inside it
and also differentiation if possible.
with the help of monk-ed n c.k yeo.
i was able to find more solutions into solving things in the program.
hmm..., thanx guys.

my msn has problem again..
will reinstall it when i am free.
these few days i end up playing computer games n sleep..
that is the truth behind the delay...><

i dream of a few interesting things..
gave me some idea..
btw, how often do you had experience dreaming dating a hot chick?

has it occurs to any of you that when you were sleeping so peacefully,
and the next thing your phone rang and someone ask you some computer things or other questions..?
coz it makes your mind think... so u won't be able to go back to sleep..

hmm..., miss her a lot.
bt as long as i noe she is doing fine..
i am alrite.
if she is okay, then its good enough to brighten my day=)

kk.., i back to work...
busy man...
miss all my friends...
going separate ways...
btw, i accidentally left my brain at school..

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