Thursday, May 7, 2009


tmr, 8th of may is international smile day.
thats wat she told me..hahax..
so, tmr i wil hav 2 smile whole day.=)

lately, busy with projects again.
This time is easy.
Its a toy to me.
Except for the vba in it which i had't fully explore.
Mayb next time b4 i finish vb.
Sick this few day.
Cough, sore throat.
Damn, almost vomit in front of my pc twice jz nw.

There is this another girl, that i dun really noe her.
Only made a few eye contact last year.
Well, i am kinda surprise that this girl smiled at me a few times this year and wave hi at me everytime v met.

tips of the day:
Access file cannot be convert to exe.
You can only split it to front end and back end.
Scan your pendrive whenever you after you use it in school.
Advantage of Access is that it saves any data you key in.
So, no need to panic if your computer of by itself while at work.

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