Friday, February 20, 2009

me? i suck..hahak

well, life seems to b seems as wat is seems...
wat am i saying is tat everythin looks as though as wat it is..
theses days, kept my life busy..
wit chess
wit study..
wit projects..
n nt 2 mention bout my own life..

anyway, u c..
there is this girl..,
she is wat people called perfect..
n i on the other hand..haiz..suck..
Its like heaven n hell.
ya gt it?

well, she is a gud person, n it doesn't make me a gud one.
mayb i will go 4 her, bt afta thinkin bout all tis..., i dun think so.
wat am i 2 her? i dunno.. friend?hahax...
I would b happy enough if she thinks me as her friend.
i admire her a lot. She is hardworkin, i am lazy..hah

next week msskl...,dunno can do well a nt.
Bt i think its time 4 me to do wat i'm suppose to do 4 years msskl..
to finish of from where i begin..
thinkin ahead..n go 4 a kill...
wit no regretz...

Anyway, here's a malay poem we created:

Ada udang di sebalik batu,
Sama dengan Wei Han di sebalik pintu,
Muka dia macam hantu,
Macam inilah kami teruskan hidup kami sebegitu.

thanx ta moses..

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