Saturday, February 21, 2009


ohh ya, some people mite wonder y i parkour(climb wall) 4.

Here are some explanation.
I need to go out and eat fast coz ony gt 30minutes. if i walk it will take 10minutes journey. but if i climb, it ony takes less than one minute.
anyways, i dun do it during school hour.
But i do it after school.
i dun use it 2 ponteng(escape from school).
i use it only when i really need it.
aside from going out 2 eat, i was once chase by a gay.
luckily, i noe how to climb.
i vault throw the metals, run and climb over a wall and another to another..hahax
c how handy can it be at times like that.

well, msskl is getting nearer. sadly, i am d ony guy from my school that manage to get into it.haiz..
practicing with people chess without my queen to train myself.

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