Friday, October 9, 2009

the result

i had been sick lately.
about the competition..
we did not win.
bt at the same time, v did not lose.
coz in this case there is no lost.
v came in empty handed and came out with experience.
V are just people who try. and we will keep on trying.
next year, we will be the ones in front taking the award.
not to say that i/v am/are stubborn.. bt we will not giv up.
after all at least we made it to the finals.
in our category.., we are the only one tat came out with software.
the rest are hardware.. like robotic arms..., advanced optical disc simulator.
yess..., pawn....
its our school first debut.
made our school proud.

when we got there at first.
we were treated as quest not finalist.
mayb coz of the wat i look la.
mun fuong tot that he wore formal but when he got there he notice that everyone else is even more formal.
you should had seen how kok kian look like wearing long sleeve.
its so not a gud way.
The way they announce the result its like the grammy awards.
they will preview the finalist.
many people laugh when they preview ours. coz i name it kai_mun_kok
at least we gt famous somehow.
kok kian met the girl that he like.
and he saw two girls playing rubic cube bt unable to solve it.
i told him to go teach them bt he dun wan.
lolz.. he could hav use that chance.

There ware many hot chicks there.
bt i didn't make a move as i feel that i come here only for a few reason.
u can ask kok kian if u dun belive.
hannah tan was there too.
many guys gave a hu-ha when they saw her.
many other famous people like Chef Wan was there.
we experience high class people life a bit.
very difficult.
cannot say wrong thing.
i need more rest.
still sick.

At the end we realize that there are many creative people in malaysia.
they are pro.
we are jz like a micro pixel in a picture.hahax

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