Friday, October 2, 2009

24th of september

24th september was my birthday.
it was fun as i had a nice dinner at the curve.

I got a cake from my aunty.
A nice key-chain from my cousin brother.
A shaver that works with battery from my brother.
and a pair of ankle weights weighing 2.5kg each.
thats about it i guess.

The first one to wish me was Carlye.
who had wish me one day earlier than my birthday.
thinking that it was 23rd of september.
hw funny was tat.
bt she was somehow the ony from my class to wish me.

ohh ya, and the girl that i like also had wish me at 00:00
hw was tat=)

kk, i receive the same tradition from the n20.
the birthday thingy.
tat was 1 week after my bday.

i am studying hard now.
will blog less.

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