Monday, November 16, 2009

spm lo..

Spm, is coming soon.
I started 2 feel some stress for the past few weeks.
Consequently, my dad bought a treadmill for us to use you see.
So, i thought that why not i use it to release my stress?

And then, every morning i will wake up at 5am.
get on to the treadmill and jog/run for 30minutes.
First time, i felt tired.
then, next few weeks..
i felt that the machine was somehow slower than we first bought it.
i ask my dad whether if something is wrong with it.

He ask me to run on it for him to see.
So, i did as he said.
going up 2 11.3km per hour.
i felt that it was slow.
He later told me that there is nothing wrong with it.
Its just that i got faster.
thats all..

back to study..

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